While we are already reviving a brand and preserving one of the oldest tastes of Nepal with our investment in the Himalayan Brewery, we want to make the company much more competitive in today's world. We want to invest in people, save and create numerous jobs while helping the legacy of Himalayan Brewery last for generations.

Our investment in Trishakti Distillery shows our commitment to modernizing plants and machineries to save brands with legacy. On the other hand, we are helping save and create jobs of numerous skilled people working in the factories.

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Himalyan Brewery

Himalayan Brewery, established in 1980 and is one of Nepal’s oldest breweries with a production capacity of 90,000 cases per month

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Trishakti Distillery

Trishakti Distillery, is one of the country’s leading and oldest distillery with production capacity of 60,000 cases a month.