The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team

At CG Holdings, we make challenging targets and work together with our team to surpass them. And this has been made possible because of our management team comprising of experienced leaders from all walks of lives. The management team at CG holdings is responsible to nurture their team members, improve them, set them up for challenges and help them succeed. The management team essentially helps all other team members bring our ideas, goals and targets to life.

With brilliant leaders working for the mission of contributing to the nation and its people via each of our business verticals, we are confident that CG Holdings will continue in its journey of helping numerous individuals, customers, companies and communities go further ahead

The Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Arun Chaudhary has been leading the company for over three decades now. He initiated his pursuit of business success through automobiles in the 1980’s and today has a vast portfolio of businesses ranging from automobiles and lubricants to brewery and distillery, from education and finance to manufacturing and hospitality to name a few. Under his leadership CG Holdings has always been responsive to changes and opportunities despite of all highs and lows.

Mr. Chaudhary is very passionate about his businesses and strongly believes that one should only get involved in businesses that one can connect with and can be the best and the biggest player in the market. For him success is not a destination but a journey and so his journey of success in the past 30 years and for the many years to come spells nothing but hard work and dedication.

Mr. Arun Chaudhary is also a philanthropist and has his own charitable trust called the Arun Chaudhary Foundation, which is mainly involved in supporting education for under privileged children and providing support to the victims of disaster like the 2015 earthquake, 2017 terai floods and the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Executive Director

Young and Dynamic, Mr. Chaudhary holds the position of Executive Director in CG|Holdings. He also holds several important positions in different organizations as Executive Director in Nepal Lube Oil Ltd and a Senate Member in Nepal Open University. He was also elected as Vice-President of the NADA Automobile Dealer Association in the election held in 2019. Mr. Chaudhary who is a Driving force behind Suzuki Four- Wheelers, the largest selling automotive brand in the country, completed a Masters of Business Administration-International Marketing from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and holds a Master’s Degree in Disruption Strategy from Harvard Business School-Online.

A Vivid Horse-Riding Enthusiast, his management style is inspired by the same. A Firm believer in developing his employees, he embodies Trust and Teamwork to overcome any obstacles that come forth. Full of energy, he doesn’t hold back when it comes to idea-sharing and motivates his employees for the same.