Our Social Initiatives

We believe that any company private or otherwise stands on the pillars of people, planet and profit bound together by trust, cooperation and responsibility. Each of our company verticals are where they are because of the people within the company working together as a team for a common goal to serve other people within and beyond the company based on everything the planet provides

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Access to Clean Water

Clean drinking water is a fundamental rights for every child in the world. But access to clean drinking water is easier said than done for many places around the world. We are proud to have helped children at Thakani School, Sindhupalchowk have better access to clean drinking water. Similarly, with a view to help enhance the access towards clean drinking water, Arun Chaudhary Foundation also handed over LifeStraw filters for water filtration and purification to AAJAD School in Kavre. The LifeStraw helps to filter a maximum of 4000 liters of water essentially removing water borne bacteria, microplastics and parasites, and thus the possibilities of water-based diseases

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