CG|NXT GEN is the first of its kind initiative for the Nepalese auto mobile industry, established with the main objective of providing world class experience to our customers. The CG |NXT GEN outlet is driven by best handpicked sales force from the industry who are rigorously trained to handle the responsibility of understanding customer need and providing tailor made solutions to meet there needs through world class suzuki product. A high bench mark has been set by the company focusing on customer experience while purchasing Suzuki vehicles which will differentiate CG | NXT GEN from other competitor outlets.

The CG |NXT GEN will be first of a kind brand center of Suzuki which will display new premium line of Suzuki products like Baleno, Scross, Ciaz and all new launches in future. The showroom itself will be different from existing Suzuki outlets. The CG | NXT GEN outlet will follow different Corporate identity standard focusing on providing best ambience to the customer and showcase the premium stand through showroom design, coloring, lightning and product display.


Retail initiative that aims to make Suzuki absolute #1 four wheeler in the country and uplift brand value by providing best sales experience exceeding customer expectation.