CG Money Remit Pvr. Ltd, undertaking of CG Holdings Nepal, started its operation in the latter half of 2010. In the short span of its operation, it has already succeeded to establish its name in the field of remittance business.

We are dedicated to providing a secure, quick, cost-effective and easy way to remit money to Nepal. Sending money to Nepal does not have to be difficult or expensive. Your family, friends or business associates cannot wait weeks to receive the funds, and you cannot afford the expensive fees, complications and insecurities typical of traditional money remittance services. You can count on CG money, to deliver and satisfy you every time.

To play as a dynamic and leading role in the field of remittance service as a low cost oriented and high value provider to the consumers with dependable and prompt service throughout the world.

To provide the remitted money correctly and promptly to the authorized people or parties, throughout the country with minimal service objectives.


  • To remit the money from the different countries of the world by establishing relation with the banks and the finance companies involved in remittance.
  • To transfer the remitted money to the rural and urban areas promptly.
  • To provide money remitted service inside the country from one place to the other.
  • By expanding its branches wherever required to provide the remitted money from different countries and places throughout Nepal.