We, Kusum Oil industries Pvt. ltd. (formerly Nirvana Vanaspati Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.) a well-known Oil refining unit with Advance process technology under umbrella of Chaudhary Group, Nepal, Since 2048 B.S. (1988 A.D.), standing as 4th – 5th out of 17 industries in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

We are dealing in various edible oil i.e. Refined Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, Refined Palm Oil, Refined palmolein Oil, Corn Oil, which are popularly known brands in Nepal as “Cook”, “Chef”, “Kusum” “tripti”.

Previously from 1998 to 2004 we exported Vanaspati Ghee to Tibet & from 2006 to 2007 exported Vanaspati Ghee to India.

We have more than 100 distributors in Kathmandu Valley.

As well as we are dealing with the expelled Mustard Oil, Glucose-D, Maize Liquid Glucose.

Maize Starch Powder & it’s bi-products i.e. Gluten, Fine Fiber, Germ, Cake etc. in the name of CG Agro Products (p) Ltd.

The maize starch powder and maize liquid glucose industry is only one in Nepal.

The liquid glucose is raw material used for the confectionery & starch powder is lubricant for the biscuit & raw material for adhesive industries.

Its trading activity is import of rapeseed, peas i.e. chick peas, yellow peas, green peas and other agro products  marketing.